Q: How do I know where to meet my driver upon my return?

A: Your driver will meet you inside the arrivals hall of the terminal your flight lands. Approximately 20 minutes after you land, your driver will attempt to make contact with you to arrange the exact meeting point, specific to the terminal you've landed. As a guide, our drivers tend to use 'Boots - the Chemist' as a point of reference. Almost every terminal has a very well lit, and easy to find store for you to wait outside.

Your driver will always be wearing our uniform which is easy to spot. It's a black waistcoat, over a white shirt with a deep red tie. Of course they'll also be carrying a smile and will want to hear about the wonderful experiences you've just enjoyed.


Q: How much luggage can I bring?

A: This depends on which service you book. The luggage capacities are as follows:

  • Business Class: You're able to travel with up to 4 people. Each person can bring up to 1 large suitcase and a piece of hand-luggage. We only generally have issues here if each large suitcase is also hard-shelled in which we'd recommend upgrading to Business Class XL.
  • Business Class XL: Ideal for 4-6 people. In standard setup, each person can bring up to 1 large suitcase and a piece of hand-luggage. You can upgrade Business Class XL to Unlimited Luggage for free by calling our team on 01202 805904.
  • Concorde Class: You're able to travel with up to 3 people. Each person can bring up to 1 large suitcase and a piece of hand-luggage.


Q: What happens if my flight is delayed?

A: This depends on the extent of your delay. We recommend emailing, calling or Facebook messaging us as soon as you're aware of any delay, but as a guide this is how we've traditionally dealt with various scenarios:

  • Up to 1 hour vs. flight ETA delay. The Tesla and driver you've been allocated will hold on for you. The minimum time your Tesla and driver will wait is up to 2 hours after your flight ETA for you to come through the Terminal and meet them. After that if its possible they can wait longer,.. of course we'll continue to hold. 
  • Over 2 hour vs. flight ETA delay. We'll attempt to hold the Tesla and driver that we've allocated to you. If this is not possible then we'll attempt to switch you to our next available Tesla and driver arriving closer to your actual landing time. This could mean waiting inside the arrivals hall for this next available car to become available to you. 
We recommend letting us know as soon as you're aware of any delays. If we haven't dispatched a driver to you, and we can't fit you into our schedule for an alternative Tesla and driver, then we'll happily credit your account for use against another journey.

Q: How do I book Flexi Travel?

A: Flexi Travel must be booked through our Bookings Team by calling 01202 805904

Q: I'm travelling with children. Do you supply car seats?

A: We can supply a suitable car seat for your children upon request, free of charge. You'll need to call our Bookings Team on 01202 805904 to check availability after you've placed your order.
Alternatively we can use your own car seat(s) and store them whilst you're away. This ensure's we're using a seat you're comfortable with, and that you're child is familiar with. Please tag it with your name and dates of travel (inbound and outbound) on the seat(s) itself. 
All of our magical Tesla's are ISOFIX ready.

Q: I need to bring a buggy, pram, travel cot, skis, a bike or another comparable bulky item. Can you carry this?

A:  Absolutely! Please call our Bookings Team on 01202 805904.