Drivve Me

Customer Notice

It’s with great regret that we must inform you Drivve Me Limited has been forced to cease trading.

We’d attempted to resolve all future journeys with an alternative supplier however it’s come to light that an unquantified amount of our customer database has been illegally manually copied from our secure systems by some former employees. This does not include your credit card information as this was never held on your customer file. This has caused significant delays with legal processes ultimately blocking us from having a timely resolve for a positive outcome for future journeys.

We promised to never sell your data and we’ve kept to this promise. However If you are contacted by any companies referencing Drivve.Me by any method you should report this to the Information Commissioners Office at www.ico.org.uk. We strongly recommend not sharing any further sensitive information such as credit card or bank details with these entities as you are putting this information at risk of further copy. If you feel at any risk through this fraudulent activity you should immediately contact the Police. This is a breach of the recently introduced GDPR Data regulations. We have reported the breach to both the ICO and the Police.

Unfortunately we now need you to make alternative arrangements. If you have already paid by PayPal or Credit Card please apply for a refund with those entities directly.

We’re so sorry that we’ve let you down, it wasn’t meant to be this way and though we’ve desperately fought to avoid it, we’ve ultimately been brutally forced into this position.”