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We're Dorset's first and most respected fully electric executive car company. Founded as a family business early 2015 we set ourselves the goal of creating a private hire company that we'd actually use ourselves. That means our goals are in a different balance to the traditional taxi or private hire operator. Here's how:

1. We wanted to minimise our impact on the environment when we travel. That's why we exclusively use the most advanced electric cars on the road, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Each car is tailored to make you feel incredible. We're obsessive about having all the options, and each car is trimmed to a very specific colour palette to maximise your Tesla experience with us.

Peaceful, Luxurious, Spacious, Safe and capable of being powered on solar energy alone means you can travel like a celebrity, safe in the knowledge that your journey has been zero emissions from your door to your destination.

2. We wanted a service that made everyone feel special. That's why our drivers are consistently suited, will open doors for you and even hold an umbrella for you in the rain. For us, these gestures of goodwill will always come as standard.

3. We wanted a service that was easy to use and always on the cutting edge of technology. That's why we accept every type of credit card, PayPal and soon Apple Pay. You can also create your bookings online and soon we'll launch an application that'll be even easier to use than the popular UBER service.

4. We wanted a service that presented great value. That's achieved through the use of our electric Tesla's and we pass those savings straight down to you. That's why we can serve you a £100k supercar for the price of a Skoda and because payment is always made up front, you're safe in the knowledge that regardless of the journey the car has to take to your destination, you've only ever paid for the shortest route.

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